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Early Visual Kei fansite
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You just stumbled upon Ayay's domain. So-Bad-Boy.Net is mostly focused on old visual kei fansites. So-Bad-Boy.Net is named after the debut single of the visual kei band, BY-SEXUAL. All active sites are located in the menu to the left.

Current layout features a pre-debut/pre-Do the Dirty line-up of the Japanese trash metal/visual kei band, Tokyo Yankees.

Upcoming Sites

This is a small list of projects I am working on.


A fansite dedicated to Aura, an early visual kei band best known for the song "Smile & Smile" which was used in City Hunter' 91 anime. Been in the works since 2010.


A fansite dedicated to the first Free-Will Records group, Color. Been in the works since 2009.


A visual kei (and maybe Japanese metal & punk) scan gallery. This will be covering all eras of visual kei.