So back in July, I got the Switch version of Collar x Malice.  Usually when it comes to otome games, I prefer playing ones like Neo-Romance games, Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side games, Hoshizora No Comic Garden, or Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!!.    Otome games that are more of a video game than a visual novel. 

I really haven’t played any Otomate games outside of Amnesia, Hakuouki, and what ever ones NTT Solmare Corps. released as mobile apps/on Story Jar.  That is because I usually suck at playing otome visual novels. 

It took me forever to get through Amnesia without a guide.  I believe Kent’s route is the only route I got the good ending without a guide.  I got the bad CG ending for Toma on my first playthrough.  I kept getting killed on Ikki’s route and I just used a guide to get through Shin’s route because I was too pissed off at the game at that point.  I don’t even think I played Ukyo’s route and decided to read a summary of it instead.

The version of Hakuouki I played was the PS3 version, even though I do have the fancy re-release version on my PC.  I just never played the PC version as I haven’t ever gotten around to it.  The only time I played Hakuouki all of the way through, I remember getting the bad “you end up with no one” ending.  I think I tried playing it a second time and still got the crappy ending, so I gave up on even playing it.

I enjoy playing otome games blind because I like to be surprised with the outcome. 

So like I said earlier, I picked up Collar x Malice in early July.  I never played it when it originally was released on the Vita as I never owned a Vita.  My opinion of it is that it has a similar suspense that Amnesia has, except I found Collar x Malice a hell of a lot easier to guess which choices will take you to a bad ending.  That’s partially due to the ‘pick your answer’ menu is different depending on if it’s story related, instant death ending, or true ending related.

I did think the game was a little too easy when it came to getting the good endings if you’re playing blind because most of the answers are extremely common sense responses.  Takeru was the only character I had to kept reloading because I kept picking bad answers that gave me the bad endings.  I did get one bad ending on Kei’s route because I couldn’t decide which option was the better option.   I’m currently chugging my way through Aiji’s route and already got one bad ending.  I’m hoping I can finish this game before the end of the month as I have Collar x Malice -Unlimited- to play and I still have the Switch releases of Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ and ~Future Blessings~ to play through.

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