To start this post out, I totally forgot Dog in the PWO had a new album coming out and did not pre-order it. >:  Now I can’t even order it off of because they have zero copies in their warehouse and the only other seller on that’s selling it doesn’t ship to the US.  :\  So I will probably have to order it off of CDJapan and hope my bank doesn’t decline the transaction like they have been doing for the past year when ever I order from CDJapan.

I did get my recent Rarezhut order last week.  I was surprised I got it so quickly since I usually have to wait like a whole to two weeks to get an order ship when I only live a state away from where Rarezhut is based at.  I did not order a ‘lucky bag’ this time around, which might be good as I don’t want to get another copy of Dog in the PWO’s “BLACK bulldog / labrador orchestra” in either the Limited A or B versions.

First off, I got the two Bribe of Love PV collections that Wizard released way back in the day.  During my ‘anti-current’ VK phase I had in the late 2000s/early 2010s, Wizard was one of three groups that were ‘guilty pleasure’ groups I had.  (The other two being SuG and Lolita23q.)  I’ve been slowly collecting every release by this group since at least 2017 or 2018. 

The following releases in this photo:

  • BLÜE – BREATH (Limited Edition)
  • Shelly Trip Realize – PRESENT
  • MAZOHYSTERIA – two Loves
  • V.A. – CANNONBALL vol.2
  • 弾丸 NO LIMIT(Dangan NO LIMIT) – BULLET (Limited Edition)

The BLÜE and MAZOHYSTERIA releases were the big shockers I found on Rarezhut since I wasn’t expecting to find either artists on Rarezhut.  So I had to snag both releases ASAP.  My partner approved of the purchase BLÜE EP.  The two V.A. releases are to re-live my high school years as a lot of artists on those releases were my ‘jam’ before I got into my huge K-pop phase I had in 2007-2010.  Also, I always have to buy anything Shelly Trip Realize if I find it for sale on Rarezhut.

And the last of my haul in this picture:

  • the Raid. – ウラメシヤ (Type A)
  • GLAY – Ashes.EP (Limited Edition)
  • AILE – CURE FEATHER ~君へ届きますように~
  • AILE – LOVE FEATHER ~君へ伝えたい事~

The Raid. is one of the newer visual kei groups I like but I can’t commit myself to buying their releases new as every band that I have ever decided to support fully by only getting their releases new in the past 5 years have disbanded (Mejibray, SuG, Blu-BiLLioN) or haven’t really released anything in a while (D=OUT). 

I’ve been slowly buying GLAY releases on Rarezhut since 2019.  Prior to last year, I only owned the following GLAY albums: Hai to Diamond, Speed Pop, Pure Soul, Heavy Gauge, and Guilty.  If I remember correctly, I own their first nine albums (Hai to Diamond through The Frustrated) and Guilty.  When I first got into VK, I only liked their Pure Soul and Heavy Gauge albums, but in recent years, I started to get into their other albums.  I usually would never purchase a single by GLAY since I’m not that crazy about them like I am with some VK bands (BY-SEXUAL, Kamaitachi, Dog in the PWO) that I have to own every release by the artist.  However, I purchased this since the songs on the Ashes.EP weren’t included on any non-Best of type releases.

Finally, the last items I purchased were AILE’s Cure Feather and Love Feather.  I don’t remember much about these releases from back in the day and I haven’t gotten around to ripping these on my computer.  AILE was a band I remember enjoying during my teen years and I haven’t been able to find their stuff on the internet as easily as I thought I would.

Maybe once I get around listening to these releases, I might make a post(s) on my opinion of these releases.

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